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Pope Benedict XVI — The Writer

I started this blog with the intent of exploring any and all genres of non-fiction.Pope Benedict XVI_collage

Well, that does include theology and philosophy ­— and perhaps the most prolific theologian has made global headlines of late.

That’s right.

Pope Benedict XVI.

He has publised 66 books over his life, in multiple languages, and almost half of those have been published since 2005, when he became Pope.

The cynical part of me thinks, in a crudely commercial sense, that he was probably published more after he became Pope because of the profile the position gave him, in that, the eyes of publishers probably lit up with dollar signs.

But while the disillusioned writers among us might think that, the reviews of his most recent book, Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives (2012), probably demonstrate his ability to reflect on Christianity’s deepest characteristics and explore them in a way that’s easy to understand.

At least, that’s how I read this remark:

 I recommend this book highly especially to those who might have some doubts about particulars of the Christmas story. ” — J. Puleo 

All in all, as an ex-Roman Catholic and despite any reservations I may have about how Pope Benedict XVI directed the Church during his papacy, I might actually pick up one of his books to try and understand why the story lines that form the basis of Christianity continue to endure after 2,000 years.

Have you read one of Pope Benedict XVI’s books?

Would you recommend it?


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