Ryter Publishing

Ryter Publishing* was established in 2008 to enter the corporate book publishing market. Catherine C. Turner is the Publisher–at–Large.

What we do

— Helping businesses publish outstanding books —

… by bringing together your ideas with our expertise.

We offer project management services that bring a corporate client’s book together through the editing, designing and printing phases. We can also provide advice on distribution and sales models.

For example, if your company’s history has been written and you’d like to publish it, but you’re mainly going to give it staff and clients, then we can help you produce a book to the industry-standard.

Our focus is to produce a high-quality publication that could be sold in a mass market book store, even if that’s not the intent of the project.

NOTE: I am not accepting unsolicited proposals from individuals. My aim is to work with businesses.

What we’ve published

Cover of 'To Points Unknown...The First Al Muthanna Taskgroup'

The first project we put together was for a Defence client. It is a 120pp, full-colour photographic ‘coffee table’ book to commemorate the first Australian Army task group to serve in the Al Muthanna province, Iraq.

It was titled To Points Unknown … the First Al Muthanna Task Group and was only distributed to those soldiers who deployed. So another way to look at it would be as a ‘tour book’.

Copies are available for viewing by the general public  at the National Library of Australia, State Library of Victoria and Australian War Memorial.

This book went on to win the following book industry awards:

  • The Galley Club Award 2008 For excellence in book production and manufacture for Sheetfed, case bound book with RRP under $35
  • Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) Victoria 2008 Emerald Award in Category 13 (Book Printing) for excellence in print


We recently completed another book for a Defence client. Again, it is a full-colour photographic ‘coffee table’ ‘tour book’.

This time it commemorates the Australian Army’s first Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force in Afghanistan. It is titled:  War in the Valleys: 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1), Afghanistan, October 2008 to June 2009.

You can see how the project came together in the blog post: 10 Step in Publishing a Book — or What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Rewriting Beersheba.

Again, copies will only be distributed to those soldiers who deployed. Copies will be available for public viewing at the National Library of Australia, State Library of Queensland and Australian War Memorial.

Praise for this book from a leading specialist bookseller via Twitter:

What does ‘Ryter’ mean?

The name ‘Ryter’ is a combination of Catherine’s paternal grandmother’s maiden and married names, Ryan and Turner. Also, if you say it out loud it sounds like ‘writer’, so it is a neat double meaning.

For enquiries, please email: ryterpublishing[at]gmail[dot]com

* Formerly Mesh Publishing

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  1. Hi Catherine
    We are finalising an Afghanistan collection and I would welcome the opportunity to chat.

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