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Catherine C. Turner grew up as an ‘Army brat’, then became a part-time Army officer, and was a full-time Army officer’s spouse for more than a decade. Along the way, she added Afghanistan to the Turner-family war service medal collection that already included her father’s from Vietnam, and his father’s from Korea and the Pacific in WWII.

She has lived in two states and two territories in Australia and has travelled to the UK, Europe, Turkey, and USA (the last on her American passport). Catherine is a communication specialist with expertise in book publishing, and holds several qualifications, including an honours degree from the University of Canberra and a postgraduate diploma from RMIT.

When she is not writing her first military history book about the Australia Light Horse charge at Beersheba, Catherine fantasises about riding a motorcycle on a top television motor show and becoming the No. 1 Female Ticket Holder for the Geelong Cats AFL team.


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Email: ccturnerauthor[at]gmail[dot]com



  1. Nick Barrand

    I recently saw there is a Tour book for MRTF-1 titled “War in the Valleys: 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1), Afghanistan, October 2008 to June 2009”. Who would I contact to order a copy? I deployed with this group and heard there was a book being released but heard nothing more…..


    • Hi Nick. We’re about to send the book to print this week. WO1 Dave Allen will be coordinating the distribution of the book. I’ll be sure to let him know that you got in contact. Thanks, Catherine.

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